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Looking for a place to publish some great articles relating to travelling around the world? What about sharing your tips for the campervan tripping community? Or perhaps letting the world know about a fantastic campervan trip you’ve just experienced? Whatever it is, it’s worth getting in touch by dropping us an email here:

contact @ campervantrips.com

We look forward to hearing from you!

Some general guidelines:

  • We’re happy to publish a link back to your website but also include ‘association’ links that will add relevancy to the post, some of our writers include links to wikipedia or tourist board sites.
  • We try to avoid publishing huge blocks of content, its worth using subheadings and ‘chapter’ titles to break up the post so readers dont get bored.
  • Be rest assured, we’ll keep your post permanently indexed through archive sections of campervantrips.com. No dodgy renting of guest posts on this site.
  • Try to aim for 300 words, more the merrier to be honest, provided its not total ‘waffle’.
  • Do NOT copy any errrm ‘copy’ from the rest of the world wide web – duplicate content will not be tolerated!
  • Nor wll badd engrish!

What type of unique content are we looking for? Here are some ideas:

  • A PhotoGuide of Place that you’ve visited on a road trip.
  • Pics of your own van or ‘dream’ van that you really want to own!
  • Top 10 Road Trips in X Place
  • What to cook in campervans?
  • If you had 2 weeks where would you go?
  • Wacky ideas and suggestions welcome.
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