Camper or Caravan, which is right for you?

Off in a campervan Off in a campervan

If you have reached that stage where you know you want to have holidays all over
the UK but not be tied to one place then you probably want a campervan or a
caravan, but which one is right for you? Let’s take a look at the options that are

Why choose a campervan?

A campervan is perfect way to cut out loads of the hassle of a regular camping trip.
Everything is already in the van all of the time. When you are ready for your next trip
all you will have to do it put in a few essentials and off you go. Just make sure to
keep your camper van clean and tidy.

If something goes wrong with a campervan it can be expensive and unless you have
a lot of money you may have to settle with buying an older vehicle, which may need
more maintenance costs.
Another downside is that once you have arrived at your destination you will have to
pack up most things if you are off for a day trip or need to head off to get supplies.
The only other option is to have another family member bring a car along but then
do you really want to be taking 2 vehicles away?

Why choose a caravan?

Caravans, people either love them or hate them. Caravanning is definitely on the rise
as more people look to stay in the UK for holidays and the cost of caravan sites can
be quite cheap compared to hotels or bed and breakfasts. They come with the benefit of being left packed up like a campervan, but you can
store a lot more stuff inside of them.

life on the open road with a caravan

Owning a caravan allows for a life on the open road!

They are probably more suitable for a family as once you have pitched it on a
campsite it can be left there while you go out and enjoy days out at the beach. This
means its less hassle for arranging days out.

A caravan can also be left on a campsite for a whole year if your site allows it. This
means no towing it back and forth and you have a base to travel to for the whole

We hope our article has helped you decide which is for you and if you need more
caravan advice head over to There are pros and
cons to both and it just depends which one suits you and your family needs the best.

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