Traversing Australia – Fly or Drive or Both!

Wide expanse of the Australian Outback Wide expanse of the Australian Outback

Australia is a big country with heaps to do. Fair dinkum right?! Given it’s the sixth largest country in the world, unless you have an extremely lengthy stay in mind, you’ll probably have to be quite selective about which bits of it you want to see.

Wide expanse of the Australian Outback

Wide expanse of the Australian Outback

There are possibly two different ways to approach a trip to Australia and both have their merits. The first option, for those with less time, is to utilise the many domestic flights that operate within the country and cherry pick the best of what Australia has to offer in a short space of time. The second option, which you may be unsurprised to hear us champion, is to hire a camper van, take your time and hit the road.

Domestic Flights Save Time

Several airlines operate relatively cheap domestic flights and make traversing the vast expanse of the outback a little less tiring! Flights between Cairns and Sydney start at less than £80, meaning you can enjoy the delights of the Great Barrier Reef before going to Australia’s most famous city, without having to drive the 1300+ miles between the two. If you want to see the West Coast as well, a flight from Sydney to Perth can set you back as little as £100 – again, saving a drive of over 2000 miles!

There are domestic flights to and from pretty much every Australian city, town and backwater you could want to visit and given the distances involved they represent superb value. Whether you want to visit Tasmania, Uluru, Kakadu National Park, the Great Ocean Road or some of the lesser known towns such as Broome, Rockhampton or Townsville, there is sure to be an internal flight to suit.

If You Have Time Drive!

If you can spare the time then a campervan trip is an amazing way to see Australia. Although the distances involved can be vast, the fact there is relatively little traffic outside the main cities means the driving is easy.

One classic itinerary is from Cairns to Sydney (or vice versa), taking in the Great Barrier Reef, Fraser Island, the Whitsunday Islands, Byron Bay and maybe Brisbane along the way. It’s around 1,500 miles in total and you’d need at least a week and ideally a month to make it worthwhile and see most of the major attractions.

Cable Beach Sunset - Broome, WA

Cable Beach Sunset – Broome, WA

If you fancy something a bit different then driving from Sydney to Adelaide is a great option. Of course, this can be tagged on to the previous route for a longer journey too. Start out by soaking up Sydney’s sights (not to mention bars, restaurants and clubs) for a few days before heading south to Canberra and Melbourne. From there you can drive along the Great Ocean Road before continuing on to Adelaide with a few diversions inland. You’ll see beautiful cities with great museums and nightlife, sensational scenery, magnificent vineyards and some great national parks.

Of course, in a campervan you really are your own boss and time is the only thing that needs to limit you. There are great journeys up the west coast from Perth to Broome and onwards to Darwin for the adventurous. From there, you could head down through the Red Centre to Uluru and onwards to Adelaide before reversing our two suggested routes above and ending up at Cairns. It’s over 6,000 miles in total (further than London to Los Angeles!) but hey, you’re in control and it will be one hell of a trip!

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