The Best Road Trip Locations in Europe

Atlantic Road, Kristensund Atlantic Road, Kristensund

For most people, the standard holiday on the beach and in the pool will make them very happy indeed, but there are others who require a little more from their voyage to a foreign destination and this need can usually be appeased by the good ol’ road trip.

Most people’s immediate thoughts go to the likes of America for a road trip of epic proportions, but it needs to be realised that there are some amazing locations much closer to home and that the European continent can offer a great range of destinations. These kinds of trips are great for anyone who loves to drive, especially those who like challenging, winding roads and it can always help to budget for such a trip for the likes of diesel and petrol costs with an EDC fuel card solution.

With so many places to choose from, it can help to have a few tips on where to go so here are a few suggestions:

Atlantic Road, Kristensund

Atlantic Road, Kristensund

North West Norway

If you happen to be driving through Scandinavia, I would wholeheartedly recommend a run through Norway and the couple of roads between the towns of Molde and Kristensund. On the coast just a few clicks north west of Molde is the jaw-dropping Atlantic Road and is an absolute must when in the area of the world.

The road has a total of eight bridges that join up the numerous tiny islands in between, and they’re not just any bridges either, with some quite literally curving round to cater for the awkward logistics of the bits of land. As you approach Kristensund, you will be met with another spectacle in the form of the Atlantic Ocean Tunnel – all 6km of it.

The south of France

Those after a little more glamour will have no trouble in enjoying the Mediterranean coastline and the French Riviera. A wonderful array of towns await you, from the beautiful streets of Nice to the millionaire’s haven of Monaco, there’s certainly something for everyone.

There are ample opportunities for shopping and dining on the seafront, as well as vibrant nightlife in such locations as Monaco’s Casino Square.

Amalfi Coast

Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento, Italy

Italy is known for having a fantastic choice of beautiful and picturesque locations and few are as wondrous as the Amalfi Coast on the south west coastline of the European country.

Located on the southern side of the Sorrentine Peninsula and stretching over 50km, the Amalfi Coast offers the chance to visit some great little towns and villages that give a real sense of what that part of the country is truly like. It is the perfect destination for those looking to get an accurate representation of the kind of culture that is out there.

When it comes to where to travel to once out there, Sorrento is by far the most popular and offers a laid back approach to life. To the east of Sorrento is Positano and is perhaps a more expensive destination, but one that incredibly stunning in terms of views and architecture.

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