The ABC of Exploring Europe

map of europe

                                           Exploring Europe – as easy as A,B,C                                    

Sitting just to our right is a huge land mass full amazing places to explore and experience. I am of course talking about mainland Europe, and its many islands too. We are so lucky to only have to hop over to the continent on a short flight in order to enjoy cities, resorts, and countryside which is so different from our own. You can also say that a lot of time, cheap flights can be less costly than a train or bus down to our capital, which gives you even more of a reason to head over and explore somewhere new!

map of europe

Cutting costs means you can travel further and more often, and I find a good way to do that is by looking at how you get to the airport in the first place. I find buses and trains very expensive these days, especially if there is more than one of your travelling. A good way around this is to drive yourself to the airport and book your parking space through ParkBCP. I find this is a fantastic way to not only save money, but also make travelling to the airport less stressful. I regularly book Leeds Bradford airport parking for my jaunts to Europe, so certainly check out what you can find at your departure airport.

If you can save money on your travel plans then you can explore more whilst you’re away, and this is certainly the best way to experience the culture and fun that Europe can offer you.

The great thing about Europe is that it is so varied, and there is, to coin a cliché, something for everyone. You don’t have to explore museums and galleries if you don’t want to, and equally you don’t have to be lying on a beach either – the choice is yours and the options are endless.

If you want to theme-park fun then Disneyland Paris is a good go-to. If you want beach time then you’re spoilt for choice, with Spain, Portugal, and Greece all offering countless beach resorts. You can even head away during the winter months and have winter sun to warm your skin, with the Canary Islands basking in sunshine no matter what the month. Of course, culture is your friend in Europe, with history, art, museums, and galleries aplenty, and the cities should be your destination for this, such as Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, and Lisbon. Fashion is the name of the game in Paris and Milan, and as for ancient history to make your jaw drop, how about Rome or Athens?

You will never experience everything Europe has to offer, because there is simply too much, but a few trips to various different countries will show you the subtle differences between them, and all the fun you can have.


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  1. That’s a great way to travel all throughout Europe not incurring to much cost,really amazing. 🙂

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