Taking your campervan to Cornwall

Eden Project, one of the many things to do in Cornwall Eden Project, one of the many things to do in Cornwall
Eden Project, one of the many things to do in Cornwall

Eden Project, one of the many things to do in Cornwall

Are you are looking for somewhere to go in your campervan where you’re going to see some things that are really different? If so, why not consider Cornwall?

Celtic England

When speaking of the Celtic legacy of the British Isles, thoughts tend automatically to go to Scotland, Wales and Ireland.  Yet parts of England also have a strong Celtic legacy and none more so than Cornwall.

After the Romans left the UK, Cornwall was part of a Romano-British successor kingdom and stayed largely separate and distinct from its Anglo-Saxon neighbours as they arrived and began to create the country we know today as England. It even retained its own language spoken until much more recent historical times – a language that is being re-taught today.

Although eventually subsumed into England, Cornwall still managed to retain a strong Celtic cultural tradition which you will see all over the county.

Back to nature

Another of the major attractions of this part of England is the fact that it contains such a vast wealth of natural beauty.

People sometimes debate the relative merits and attractions of the north vs. south Cornish coastlines but in reality though, both offer stunning scenery, beautiful beaches and amazing coves to be explored.

Nor should the hinterland of Cornwall be ignored.  Famous for its rugged beauty in some areas and its almost pastoral tranquillity in others, it is a joy to explore.

A marriage with the sea

If Venice is famous for being the city married to the sea, perhaps Cornwall should be known as the county married to it.

Towns and villages around the coastline such as Polperro, Falmouth, Mousehole, St. Ives, Perranporth and Newquay, all have different characters ranging from sleepy fishing village to bustling civic centre.  However, they all share a love of the sea and there are dozens of similar towns to explore just like them.

Where to stay

The facilities for campervans in Cornwall are typically excellent.

Take, for example, campervan holidays in Cornwall at Perran Springs Holiday Park*. The facilities here are just about everything you would want including angling.  The park is also close to a number of major attractions such as the famous Eden project.

In this part of the country, both local authorities and the tourism industry take the subject of visitor comforts very seriously.  That’s why you won’t have to worry about finding places to stay or the type of facilities you encounter once there.

Best times to visit

Just like any other popular holiday destination in the northern hemisphere, the busiest time is usually from about the first or second week in July through to the end of August.

Some of the most popular sites and attractions can, as a result, be busy during those few weeks.

While there is always plenty of space and you’re unlikely to feel overcrowded, even so, if you can explore Cornwall outside of those main school holidays you will see a very different face to the county.

So, why delay any further?  Choose your areas, make some enquiries about campervan parks and start planning your visit to Cornwall as soon as possible!

*Full address: Perran Springs Holiday Park, Goonhavern, Truro, Cornwall, TR49QG


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