Slashing Down Expensive International Roaming Charges Traveling to UK

With so many attractions to see and a lot of fun to have in the UK, sometimes you may get confused about where to start and which places to check out! Recently I went to the Uk for a short trip and I visited these  beautiful places. The following guide will give you more information about these places!

  1. Durham Cathedral – It is one of the best architectural places in Europe, from the 11th  century. This is the peaceful Palace Green encompassing both the castle and cathedral.
  2. Camera Obscura and World of Illusions, Edinburgh – Edinburgh’s Camera Obscura was first installed over a century ago. It captures a live moving image of Edinburgh like a jumbo revolving periscope. There are best views from the upside terrace.
  3. York Minster – York developed in grandness under the Normans and inspiring York Minster. The time to build it up was around 250 years. Nowadays, it is the biggest Gothic cathedral in northern Europe.
  4. Tower of London – Well, it is formally known as Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress. The Tower of London was founded in the end of 1066 as component of the Norman Conquest. There is atleast six ravens are supported at the tower all the times as belief holds that “If the Tower of London ravens are lost then the crown will fall and Britain with it.
  5. Edinburgh Castle – The impressive 1000-year-old palace stands on a stone in the centre of the city. The past Honours of Scotland are on display in the Crown Room, at the upmost of the Castle Rock, is the oldest building in the city.

It was an awesome experience visiting all of the places mentioned above. Apart from that, there was some horrible experience too with the roaming costs I was charged while using my mobile phone with the sim of my country. Later on, I came to know from one of my friends that to use the Uk local sim would be more beneficial while traveling in the UK. If you use your home country sim then it is very expensive as you will be charged  high roaming costs. Even there are many UK local sim providers and one of them is Prepaymania, which was suggested by my friend. I could avail this sim card FREE, but I missed it at that time. I will sure pick this UK local sim next time whenever I will visit UK. This local sim card will help you to cut down all roaming costs, even you can call to your home country with minimum cost and more of, you can use your data for emails, applications, chats at the lowest cost as well. So I’m suggesting everyone to opt for the UK local sim only whenever you travels to UK for the best savings of money! You need to just order this card online and get free delivery to your place.


Hope you enjoyed these travel tips!  Happy Traveling!


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