Why The Road Trip Will Never Die

USA Road Trip USA Road Trip (source)

Ah, the great old-fashioned Road Trip. Forget boats, trains and planes, out on the open road, the world really is your oyster. Go anywhere you want to go, see anything you want to see. What could be more alluring than that?

USA Road Trip

USA Road Trip (source)

It’s a total freedom, afforded mostly to the driver, but also to those who also embark on the journey. Of course, people’s opinions on where to venture will vastly differ. You could hit the various different countries of Europe, stopping to see the romance of Paris, the culture of Madrid, the beaches of the Algarve and the absolutely delicious food of Italy. Or you could just go where the road takes you, quite literally.

Of course, stateside, Route 66 has long been the holy grail of road trip destinations. Although much of the old American route no longer exists, there’s still a roaring trade in driving coast-to-coast, and an abundance of breath-taking sights to see. Travellers can choose to see some of the USA’s finest cities, from the uber-musical Nashville, Tennessee, to the rich history of New Orleans, or the glam of Hollywood, and that’s not even touching upon the North. To do the entire country justice, it could take months, even years. But a few weeks will do. Often the best way of doing a trip of this magnitude is to scope out a rough route on the map in advance, hire a car, and then wing it from there, with motels, trucks stops and all that quintessential America has to offer in between.

Let’s not forget the UK, though. For many families, foreign travel is not an option. Even though it can sometimes work out cheaper, a lot of people are reluctant to go abroad, and that’s okay. There’s so much to see, and most of it ends up ignored! It’s no secret that almost every other country in the world can’t get enough of good old Blighty. Why not invest in a car – websites such as Local World allow you to choose within a certain location – and then just see where your trip can take you?  The UK has loads of different places to explore, from landmarks and nature, festivals and sporting events, to culinary treats, coastal beauty and shopping paradises. You really don’t have to look far to see so much crammed into one relatively tiny space.

So, if you’re a little sceptical about flying, a bit wary of long distance travel or even just want to get to know somewhere in even greater detail, why not head out on a road trip? Crank up the volume on the stereo, pack in some of your favourite people and just hit the trail, with zero restrictions and absolutely everything on offer.


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