Recommended Holiday Destinations In France

Beautiful Dordogne Beautiful Dordogne

France is a popular destination with holidaymakers looking to escape the rat race of life by enjoying warmer climates at an affordable price. It is especially popular as a driving holiday because you are able to easily cross the channel and arrive at your destination in a matter of mere hours.

Popular regions within France in which this industry flourishes include Dordogne, Lot Valley, Provence, Languedoc and the Atlantic Coast region

Beautiful Dordogne

Beautiful Dordogne

Dordogne Region– Located in the south of the country, the region includes dramatic landscape and most holidaymakers tend to congregate around the main rivers, making it a popular holiday destination for those looking to do some fishing while on vacation. These rivers are the Dronne in the north, Isle from Perigueux to Libourne, Vezere between Lascaux and Les Eyszies and the beautiful Dordogne river. By campervan, Dordogne is located about 550 miles or 9 hours drive from Dover.


Lot Valley Region– The main attraction of this area is The River Lot that makes its way between medieval landscapes and small charming villages. It is popular destination for those looking to engage in river water sport such as canoeing.


Provence Region– One of the most widely known regions in France, Provence includes varied landscape of mountains and lakes, all of which overlook the sea. Its mild weather for many parts of the year explains why Provence is so popular for all sorts of holiday. It takes about 11 hours and just over 700 miles to arrive from Dover by campervan.


Languedoc Region– Located near the border with Spain, Languedoc area benefits from mild Mediterranean climate making it ideal for holidaymakers looking to escape a cold climate. It is located about 660 miles from Dover, about the same distance as Aberdeen to Dover.


The Atlantic Coast Region– Finally, we come to the Atlantic Coast region, an area with almost limitless (so it seems!) sandy beaches, gorgeous old ports and a landscape of saltpans, vineyards and villages. It is truly one of the best places that France has to offer. It should make the shortlist of anyone looking for a holiday in France with almost guaranteed warm weather.


Enjoy your holiday.


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