Packing List Items for a Campervan Trip


Items You’ll Be Glad To Have On A Campervan Holiday

Whether you’re renting a campervan, borrowing one from a friend or have purchased your own, you’ll need to stock it properly. Just taking the campervan and a spare pair of shoes won’t do! Here are nine items that every seasoned campervan traveller would advise you take along with you.

Packing List Campervan

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First Aid Kit

A packet of plasters is not enough. You should always keep a first aid kid inside your campervan. Make sure to restock anything you use immediately. You’ll be so relieved you have it if an accident or injury occurs.


It is always advisable to take spare fuel with you. Make sure it is packed and stored correctly. The can should always be upright and unable to fall over or slide around when travelling.


Awnings are a great way of extending the amount of space you have at your disposal. Campervans can sometimes be rather compact. Awnings give you some protection from the elements, but still allow you to be outdoors.

A Safe

While some might not see this as an essential, it might be a good idea to have one if you are carrying items like passports. You might feel safe on your campsite, but you may also have to leave the van in less desirable locations when you head out. If a safe isn’t an option, buy a couple of bags that strap around your waist. Keep passports and money inside these, underneath your clothes, if you want extra reassurance.

A Vanorak

A Vanorak is a roof cover that protects your vehicle from the rain. Again, this is not an essential, but if there is a good chance of bad weather during your trip, you might be glad to have one.


Road Maps

Remember, you might not have reception or wifi where you’re going. Furthermore, satellite navigation systems can be useless when you’re on a back road. Getting lost is no fun, plus you’ll waste time and fuel. Keep up-to-date road maps of your location in the van and make sure you can access them easily.



This one goes without saying! Space might be limited in a campervan but you should always make room for entertainment. Pack your favourite board game and some old books that you love to read. Also, remember batteries for any clock radios and speakers you might have.

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Local Breakdown Cover

Before travelling, check that your breakdown covers the area you’re headed to. Also, check that it covers campervans. Should things go wrong down a dark and muddy road, you’ll want to know help is on its way.

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Foldable Amenities

If space is limited, you don’t want to be taking up that room with things that are bigger than needs be. Consider carrying smaller plates and bowls, and cutlery that you can fold up. Tables and chairs that can be stored away are also extra handy.


Washing Line

This is another item that will give you more space. Rather than trying to dry your clothes and towels inside, string up a washing line.

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