Keeping it Simple: Camping and Fishing as the Ultimate UK Holiday

Fishing & Camping in the UK Fishing & Camping in the UK

Fishing is an activity that is often considered equal parts spiritual and sporting. There’s something in the twitch of a nibble, or the sound of a line being cast on the water that is addictive for many people.

Fishing & Camping in the UK

Fishing & Camping in the UK
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The UK is home to a diverse and impressive range of landscapes and within them, a large variety of water bodies. Form an accessibility point-of-view, there are few better ways to bond with family or with nature than to pack up the fishing gear, fishing seatbox and food supplies in a campervan; you can take your home with you to some of the wildest and most serene fishing spots the UK has to offer. Here are just a few ideas on where to go…

Northumberland is a hotspot for anglers and with a variety of stunning rivers, lakes and an entire coastline, wild camping opportunities abound. Fly fishing is popular in this part of the country as anglers can troll the local rivers for trout and salmon. The North Tyne River is home to a very successful hatchery program which has seem salmon populations boom in the last 15 years. It is possible for anglers here to catch a salmon in the 40lb range so be sure to save room for dinner.

Langammarch Wells in Mid Wales is a beautiful village on the River Irfon. Boasting some of the most lovely walking trails in Wales, there’s plenty of picturesque scenery to enjoy from your van windows, not to mention some great fishing to be done. The rivers here are home to trout, salmon and grayling and licenses can be obtained through the Wye and Usk Foundation.

No UK fishing trip would be complete without a visit to Scotland. Sutherland located in the Highlands is the quintessential spot for fishing in Scotland. The landscape is vast and dreamy, sloping hills overlook deep lochs and you’re much more likely to see a grazing deer than another human. Brown trout and salmon fishing in this part of the UK is world-class and the camping follows suit. Abide the wild camping laws and consult the Assynt Angling Club for reliable and comprehensive information about where to fish.

Once you’ve returned to camp with your catch of the day, make sure you read up on how to prepare and cook it, either on the van’s stove or over an open fire. Basic preparation involves trimming the fins, descaling with the back of a knife and cutting away the head at an angle. The fish will then need gutting and rinsing out under running water. Fresh fish needs little accompaniment as it’s delicious on its own either fried or grilled with a little oil, but if you add in some garlic, lemon and butter, this will make an even tastier camping supper, adding to the charm of the holiday experience.

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