Interior Ideas for When Renovating Your Campervan

Interior ideas for when renovating your campervan

When you have a campervan that is getting a little worn around the edges, this does not mean that you necessarily need to trade it in or sell it! A campervan that still has dozens of good trips in front of it can be updated very quickly if you only know what you are doing. The truth is that plenty of people invest in making sure that their campervans keep on looking great, and if this is a goal that you share, there are definitely some options that are available to you.

When it comes to putting a floor into your camper, most people recommend particle board. Particle board is dense, and it can be sealed to resist water, which means that is usually one less worry you have when it starts bucketing down. However, the great thing about particle board is that it now comes in many different forms that allow you to mimic your favourite flooring textures from home. For example, you can choose particle board that is made to look like hardwood or ceramic tile. Changing the flooring can immediately update and improve the look of your campervan.

Flat Screen TV
Many people consider the campervan to be their home away from home, and if you are someone who wants to make sure that you have something to do on those long nights when you are away from home, consider putting in a flat screen TV. Small flat screen TVs can make your campervan feel much more cosy, and they take significantly less space than the traditional models. Make sure that you use the appropriate mounting brackets for your flat screen TVs so that they do not shift while you are moving.

Shelf Ledges
Shelf ledges were first evident on ships, where they were placed on bookshelves to prevent the books from falling out while the vessel tossed on the water. If you have items that you would rather not see roll around or fall out, install latching shelf ledges on all of your campervan shelves. They lock into place and can be pulled out to help you easily access the things that you need. This small interior design touch can make things much easier for you in the long run.

Reupholster Everything
One of the things that can really make your campervan look dated is the upholstery. Too many people have sighed at their campervans, thinking that the entire affair looks silly, when the truth is that it is only your seating! It is very easy to reupholster furniture; in many cases, all you need is fabric, a staple remover and a staple gun. Find a durable, all-weather fabric that really suits your tastes and make sure that you create an environment that you love.

If you are interested in making your campervan look like it is brand new, consider some of these fantastic methods that will help you give it a brand new look.

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  1. Although I like the idea of having a flatscreen TV in a camper van, I think it detracts a bit from that away from it all feeling.

    Nico recently posted… Unforgettable Things to do in Barcelona

  2. Thats a valid point Nico, its each to their own I suppose, check out the winnebago’s lining up watching the Tour De France, full of mod cons. I guess I’m similar in that I travel to escape from the media hubbub that seems to consume our lives these days, having a telly in my vehicle of freedom does raise some questions I suppose…

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