How To Go Glamping – A Guide to Glamourous Camping

Glamping Scene

Do you enjoy the outdoors, but can’t make it for longer than 24 hours without running water or a nice and hot shower? If camping is slightly too ‘back-to- nature’ for you, but you’re looking for something different than just a week at another hotel, then the concept of glamping might be perfect for you.

Glamping Scene

What exactly is glamping?

‘Glamping’, a fairly recent word creation blended from words ‘camping’ and ‘glamour’, is exactly what it says it is – camping with an extra touch of luxury, or simply, a more comfortable camping experience which can feature electricity, heating, proper beds, and sometimes even a spa area. Does this sound like something you would be interested in? If you’re keen to discover glamping, there is plenty of information available online to make your first glamping experience as enjoyable and glamourous as possible. We’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know for your before you plan your first glamping trip.

Where can you go?

As glamping becomes more popular with travellers all over the world, there are very few restrictions on where you can head to on your glamping getaway. Fancy a European holiday in France, or a Nordic cottage experience in Norway? Whether it’s winter or summer, a simple internet search for your favourite destination is all you need to find glamping sites all over the world.

Where do you sleep?

This one really depends on what you’re looking for. You might end up sleeping in a more luxurious version of the classic camping tent, but you could also spend the nights in a pod, a hut, a caravan, or even a tree house if that tickles your fancy. It’s more adventurous than a hotel room, that is for sure – but also more affordable. If you’re not against a breeze of fresh air once you roll out of bed, then glamping is a win-win situation for you.

What to pack?

You should check beforehand what kind of equipment your glampsites provides and what you’ll need to bring with you – sometimes you’ll have to bring your own sleeping bag, and if the accommodation is self-catered, you might want to bring some cooking equipment and a cooling box with you. On the other hand, some glamping sites provide fully equipped kitchens or even offer catering – breakfast is often included. When it comes to cleaning tips while glamping, what goes at home, works on holiday too. Check if the glamping site provides a cleaning service as most hotels do, but if not, make sure to pack some essentials, such as an all-purpose cleaning solution. There’s often the worry that camping will be crowded and chaotic, but it doesn’t need to be if you only bring what you really need and keep it clean and tidy.



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