How to Combine Campervan and Cottage Holidays

Combine the two! Combine the two!

Travelling around in a campervan is fast becoming an on-trend way to holiday in the UK. In terms of transportation, campervans are comfortable, functional and stylish and will give you the freedom to visit many cottage locations. Whether you are a couple looking for a getaway or a family looking for a summer holiday, campervans have all the facilities you need for a thoroughly enjoyable trip.

Combine the two!

Combine the two!

Here are the advantages of owning a campervan:

A comfortable journey

Travelling in a car for long distances can be uncomfortable and frustrating, but a campervan will allow you to have more space and comfort allowing you to stop off and rest during the journey. If you fancy a bite to eat along the way, there will also be a kitchenette area for those campervans that have been adapted and styled to be on-the-go motor homes.

Freedom to Travel


Freedom to Travel

If you are looking for a self-catering holiday this year, why not combine your trip by travelling in a campervan and ending your stay in a luxury cottage. This is perfect for those that like a mix of exploration, adventure and refinement. Staying in your campervan will prove to be a low cost option which means you can spend on a good quality cottage that will leave you with lasting happy memories.

An Investment Buy

Investing in a campervan is a great way to ensure you can have a cottage holiday whenever you feel like it.  There’s no need to worry about booking flights, hotels and keeping important travel documents safe as campervans only require road tax and insurance and away you go! Campervans have been popular for many years so you can feel rest assured that your campervan will also be a good asset to have for the future.



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