Frequently Asked Questions About The Trek To Everest Base Camp

Sense of Acheivement Sense of Acheivement

If you are about to embark on a trek to Everest base camp, here are a few frequently asked questions that might be useful in planning your trip to the world’s most famous basecamp.


Trekking to Everest Base Camp

Trekking to Everest Base Camp

    1. What size backpack will I need?
      Whilst on the trek, you will find that a medium sized backpack comes in handy for carrying your extra layers as the temperature changes. The porters and yaks will be responsible for carrying your large duffel bags, which are filled with all of your other items. The backpack should just be used for necessities, like water and a hat.
    2. What is accommodation like?
      In Kathmandu, before your everest base camp trek commences, you will likely be staying in fine hotels. You will be able to rest on soft mattresses, watch television and bathe in your own private bathroom. Whilst on the trip, you will stay in a combination of lodges. You will often share a room and bathroom with your travelling companions.
Sense of Acheivement

Sense of Acheivement

  1. How does altitude acclimatisation work?
    You will notice that most itineraries take around 11 days to walk from Lukla (at 9,200 feet) to base camp (at 17,500 feet). This is because you will need to take rest days (usually at Namche and Pheriche) to allow your body to adapt to the higher altitude. Forcing your body to walk when it is not acclimatised can result in sickness.
  2. How do I shower or bathe?
    Shower facilities are available at all of the lodges you stay at during your journey; they are gravity fed water that has been heated on stoves. You will find, however, that such a luxury becomes less appealing as it gets colder outside. Each morning and before each meal, your Sherpa will provide heated washing water.
  3. What are typical breakfasts, lunches and dinners?
    A typical breakfast consists of porridge, corn flakes, instant milk, toast with jam and butter, fried eggs and orange slices. A typical lunch consists of yak steak with chips, rice with lentils, cauliflower, toast with peanut butter and jam, cookies and fresh apples. A typical dinner consists of soup, pizza, fresh green beans and mashed potato.
  4. Can I recharge my devices?
    Many people like to bring their iPods, cameras and other electronic devices to help document the trek or make it more enjoyable. The good news is that they can easily be recharged at the lodges. You will need either 110 or 220 plugs; if your devices do not fit, you can purchase an appropriate adaptor from your hotel gift shop.


Indian Climbers in the Himalaya

Indian Climbers in the Himalaya

We hope that we have answered a few more of your most pressing questions and that you are almost ready to embark on a trek to Everest base camp. If you have any more concerns, do not hesitate to speak with your tour company or someone who has completed the trek before.

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