Cyprus, Campervan, Villa or Hotel?

Cyprus Cyprus


Cyprus is the Mediterranean island where west meets east, where the summers are hot and the locals are friendly. All different kinds of cuisine can be tasted here, championship golf is played here, there are beaches a plenty for those who like to lie in the sun and there are an abundance of historical places to visit.

The hospitality of the Cypriots is legendary for being generous, warm and welcoming. There are types of accommodation to suit any budget on the island, here are a three ways in which you may choose to holiday in Cyprus.


There are now ferries available if you wish to take a campervan across the waters to Cyprus. Ferries are available from the UK, Italy and a few other destinations in Europe.
There are only six campsites currently on the island, as the Cypriots don’t appear to actively encourage camping, perhaps because more money is to be made by running hotels and villas! All the campsites are on the coast except for one, Troodos, which is situated in a pine forest. All the campsites are equipped with showers, most have electricity and somewhere to eat, and a few also have a mini market for basic shopping in the high season. Prices average from around 6 euros a day per person, with around 3 euros for your tent or campervan.


Hiring a villa is a very popular choice, especially for larger families or groups of people. Villa’s offer a little luxury, private pool, with the freedom to come and go as you please and also get involved in buying local produce and creating a Cypriot feast all by yourself! Some villa’s can be hired for as little as  £150 per week, although the more luxurious well placed villas can be over £1000 per week. However, the more expensive villa’s have several bedrooms so are able to accommodate up to eight people, ideal for a group of adults going away together.




Hotels in Cyprus just like many intercontinental hotels in tourist destinations these days, offer all-inclusive, half and full board. From the budget hotels for backpackers, to romantic and stylish hotels for honeymooners, there is a hotel to suit any group or family on vacation. The sooner you book your holiday the more chance there is of getting a good deal and some even offer reduced rates out of high season. Check online to find the right area of Cyprus for you. Aya Napa is possibly the most popular region for those wanting to party, whereas places like Paphos, which has history, beautiful countryside, beaches and culture, offer a little something for everyone.

No matter which method of accommodation you choose when visiting Cyprus, once you have experienced this beautiful island, the chances are you will be planning to return another year!


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