What a Curry On – Exploring a Love of Travel and Asian food

Asia, here we come! Asia, here we come!


Asia, here we come!

Asia, here we come!

 by  KelvynSkee 

Martin Dorey, presenter of the BBC TV show One Man and his Campervan, has no doubt inspired many like-minded individuals and campervan owners with his ideas on how to make interesting meals on four wheels – and only two rings, whilst out on the road. From stinging nettle and bacon soup to the delightfully named Exploding Egg Banjo, Martin has come up with a range of nutritious dishes that involve a little more preparation than locating the tin opener – not always an easy task, as you’ll know – but not too much for it to become a total faff.

My favourite, the Lamb Gosht Curry, has me hankering for a long-overdue trip to Asia. But without wanting to sound like someone who gives up easily and betrays the free-minded spirit that is a rite of passage for camper van owners, the thought of driving in Asia sounds like a complete nightmare to me and not my idea of a fun holiday. Luckily there are some great travel companies out there such as Freedom Asia, who will tailor the holiday to suit your needs. They even do touring holidays which means I can see all the sites but with someone else organising my travel for once! That means I can spend more time sightseeing and sampling the local cuisine.

As you can probably gather I love my food, especially Asian cuisine. Sadly, my trip to Asia is not for a while yet so I’ll have to just content myself with some UK imitations for now. Luckily for me Bradford is only a short road trip away, and whilst the west Yorkshire city has rivals continuously striving to take its crown as the Curry Capital of Britain it is still without peers for the breadth of choice and the quality of offering you get in its many restaurants and takeaways. Incidentally, it has held the prestigious title for the last three years.

At the last count there were over 100 curry houses in the city. Award-winning restaurants can be found throughout, with informal café style settings like the Karachi, to impressive restaurants such as Mumtaz in Bradford and Aagrah in nearby Shipley.

Mumtaz continues to be the flagship for Bradford curry houses despite some protestations the two-floor restaurant has got ideas above its station after becoming part of a branded ‘Group’. The authenticity of the dishes, though, remains without question, so, until I get on that plane it remains a very good substitute for the culinary delights I’ll no doubt enjoy on my trip.

Leading politicians of all persuasions have eaten there and vouch for the quality of its food: Prime Minister David Cameron says the best curry he has ever had was in Mumtaz; the lamb chops are local MP George Galloway’s favourite dish; and Deputy PM Nick Clegg called the food outstanding. Mumtaz gets my vote too.



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