How to Create More Space In Your Motorhome

A Campervan Unpacked!

A motorhome is your home away from home, but sometimes it’s easy to forget that there just isn’t always room for everything that you want to take away with you. Here are a few tips on how to free up some much needed space in your motorhome.

A Campervan Unpacked

A Campervan Unpacked!


The number 1 way to free up space in your motorhome is to invest in a quality awning. It can be remarkable how much extra living space an awning can provide you with. Canopy awnings can be cheap and useful but hardly provide an inspiring place to hang out. It’s well worth exploring the idea of buying a full awning for your motorhome because an investment of a few hundred pounds can provide you with triple the living space and create a perfect al fresco dining area.

Rear Box

A rear box for your motorhome is a great way to transport and store extra things for your holiday. Once unpacked, load the rear box up with the annoying bits of empty luggage, boxes and bags that you don’t want lying around. There are a variety available on the market including a number of roof boxes (which are obviously much harder to access) but we’d advise not to skimp on quality when it comes to rear boxes as the cheaper models are not only less secure but are often not as waterproof as they perhaps first look. If you do choose to store any items in a rear or roof box then double check that your motorhome insurance covers your personal belongings when outside the vehicle.

Bye Bye Bikes

Storing and transporting bikes can be a source of great frustration for motorhome enthusiasts. They are awkward, they take up a lot of space and they are often dirty. Many chose to transport bikes inside their motorhome and just leave them outside once parked up but the best way to transport and store your bikes on holiday is to purchase a bicycle mount or rack. Leaving the bikes securely fastened to the rear of your motorhome is a great way to save space but also to ensure that the bikes are not damaged in transit.


Space-saving gadgets are all the rage these days. Check out this Pinterest board specifically aimed at motorhome storage. From collapsible kettles to miniature vacuum cleaners, there’s an array of great gadgets available now that can help keep your cupboards empty and your kitchens clear. Devices like the All-In-One Kitchen Tool Set are incredibly handy for saving space and UK based companies like Joseph Joseph specialise in designing stylish, space saving kitchenware. Have a look at their Nest Storage range; it’s a winner.

Don’t forget the ceiling!

It’s easy to forget that everywhere that there is a flat surface there is a storage opportunity (even if that flat surface is a ceiling). There are countless types of ceiling racks available online and everything from pots and pans to herbs and hats can be hung from the ceiling. You can also free up surface space by mounting your microwave. There are a number of specialise mountable microwaves that are worth looking at if you’re buying new but for existing microwaves it can be very easy to purchase a separate mount or shelf to free up extra space for chopping and preparation. Finally another great space saver is the under cabinet coffee maker. Although they haven’t taken off in the UK yet, they are easily available on import from the US. They just simply hang underneath most kitchen units and again save precious surface space.



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