Cool Caravans, Crazy Campervanning: The Best Way to Make the Most Out of Your Road Trip

Norway Norway

Gone are the days where caravanning and campervanning holidays were spent in a dodgy campsite club house or cooped up in a cold netted curtain nest. Taking a caravan or campervan on holiday can offer you boundless freedom: a vehicle to explore in, and a comfortable place to rest your head. From the quirky vintage caravans, to luxurious fully kitted out campervans: there is a cruiser to suit your road trip companion needs. Even celebs like Helen Mirren and Gwyneth Paltrow have joined the caravanning crew — so what’s stopping you?

Here are some of the world’s best routes: with top quality campsites, easily navigable roads, and unforgettable wonders, which are best experienced in a caravan or campervan.


A campervanning jewel of Southern Africa, Namibia is full of routes which are made for touring vehicles. Surprisingly, roads are well kept: taking you through the country’s beautiful desserts and into their culturally rich villages. For a real treat, take your tourer to Etosha National Park: a vast expanse of wilderness, with endless opportunities for wild game spotting.

New Zealand

Home of the hobbits and endless mountains to explore, New Zealand is a campervanners’ dream. With a pretty free policy on stopping (as long as you are 15km away from any towns or public highways), New Zealand’s roads are the perfect place to tour and take rest in. For caravanners who need sites to stop, Opal Hot Springs, is a perfect place to pitch up. A mere 15 minutes from Hobbiton itself, and close to the North Island’s’ tallest waterfall, the site is the perfect place to base yourself from for a truly epic holiday.

Stunning New-Zealand

Stunning New-Zealand


Full of faultless fjords and gargantious glaciers, Norway is the perfect place to explore in a a caravan or campervan. Pitch up during your Scandinavian adventure in 5 star rated Hallingdal Feriepark. When you’ve had enough touring the stunning scenery and gorging on local grub, Hallingdal has plenty of extreme activities to keep you occupied or relaxing nordic spa facilities. So whether you want a wet and wild adventure, explore the wilderness, pamper yourself; Norway has something to offer for any tourers.


A lesser known gem of the British Isles, Wales is home to some of the best touring roads for caravans and campervanners. Being known for its mountain ranges and quaint lavender villages, Wales is as picturesque as it gets. But if you want a more coastal cruise, take to the Gower Peninsula. A beautiful and diverse landscape, the route will take you through gorgeously green countryside, to untouched beaches: natural wonders that cannot be faulted. Along the peninsula are plenty of places to pitch up. If you want to truly feel in the wilderness, try Gower’s flagship site, right on the edge of Three Cliffs Bay, and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  

So there you have it, four top destinations to jump on the caravan/campervan holiday bandwagon. The perfect way to freely explore the world in constant home comfort.  

This post was contributed by Jade from the  Camping and Carvanning Club.


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