Camping for Petrol Heads: A Weekend at the (Motor) Races

British Grand Prix British Grand Prix

Most people think that when going on a camping trip it should be to a lovely, picturesque seaside village or up in the lakes. But what about taking a campervan to a slightly different type of location, how about a race track?

Almost any petrol head wants to get to a race meeting, especially the high profile races such as Formula 1 or Le Mans and with every race in a different location, the possibilities will leave you spoilt for choice.

For many Brits, the British Grand Prix is the big one to get to during the race calendar and each year thousands upon thousands of fans descend on the camp sites with tents, motorhomes and campervans.

British Grand Prix

British Grand Prix

If you’ve seen any footage or photos from the recent British GP then you’ll know what a mess it was thanks to old Mother Nature, but apart from having to be towed out of the mud at the end of the weekend, the ones in the campervans were the chirpiest.

A great idea for a bunch of mates is to hire a campervan for a weekend’s worth of racing and share the cost of the hire, the diesel, the BBQ food and of course the beer. Prices vary between hire companies, but between four or six mates you’ll hardly be breaking the bank.

If you want to incorporate a bit of adventure to the cause, then how about something a little further than the sights of Silverstone, like Le Mans. The annual race runs every June at the infamous Le Sarthe circuit and is a spectacle that every racing enthusiast should have on their bucket list.

Camping at The British Grand Prix!

Camping at The British Grand Prix!

Le Mans serves up a fantastic atmosphere and some camp sites can be wonderful places to stay, such as Bounty Lakes which is situated on a beautiful waterside location. Outside the racing most sites will have entertainment on, with live bands usually at the top of the list along with the all-important beer tent.

Going to somewhere like Le Mans or even something I’m planning for next year, the Belgian Grand Prix, allows for a pretty decently sized road trip and a chance to see some of Europe’s best sights on the way to the racing.  A perfect alternative holiday!

You could even incorporate the racing into your camping holiday and take in a bit of tourism in between, for example, a trip to the Spanish GP would allow for a few days in the Catalan capital of Barcelona.

Of course, going into Europe from the UK is going to cost a little extra in terms of insurance and fuel costs, with ticket prices for the racing also coming at a hefty price, but it’s certainly worth it for the experience and offers something quite different to the bog standard pick a Greek island and sit on the beach package deal.

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