Campervans on the Comeback Trail

Campervans by Lake

The Comeback of Campervans

In the 1960s, campervans were often used by hippies and touring bands, but these vehicles have come a long way from the original Volkswagen bus. SF Gate reported, “in New Zealand, Australia and some European countries, it’s nearly impossible to drive for more than five minutes without seeing one.” Over the past year, the US RV market has seen a boost in sales, which goes to show that the world is falling back in love with the idea of spending the holidays in a campervan.

Maui Campervan with Amazing backdrop

Road Trips Over Air Travel

Why the sudden boom in popularity, you might ask? Wouldn’t it just be easier to fly to your destination instead of driving? Then again, why would you fly when there are a number of reasons as to why air travel is so stressful.

Vacationers are looking for new ways to comfortably travel without the hassle of checking-in baggage, long lines, and crowds of disgruntled flyers to contend with. Airports are notoriously known to cause travellers stress, and even though airports such as Heathrow are varying up their options for transport and parking to ease anxiety, many are now preferring campervan holidays over the rigmarole of flying.

Variations of Campervans

The campervans you can find these days range from upscale motorhomes to the manufactured vans that look more like a renovated family car, but it appears as though the minimalist versions have taken precedence over the luxurious alternatives. Though they lack the convenience of a private toilet, campgrounds have shower and toilet facilities. Some people might see that there’s no point in spending thousands of dollars extra on a larger vehicle with a toilet that they’ll have to drain themselves when they can access facilities for free.

Campervans by Lake

But whether you choose the penthouse apartment on wheels or the van with panel-truck shells, a campervan will surely make your next vacation an adventurous and unforgettable experience. For ideas on which campervan you should hire, Popular Mechanics shares with its readers the ten coolest campers on the market, suitable for any budget.

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