Campervans and Fishing – the Perfect Combination

bonfire and fishing

Two popular passions in the UK are fishing and caravanning. There’s a certain something that we all love to get back to basics and doing things the old, traditional ways. The great thing is though, both these passions can (and often are) be combined to get the best out of each.

What could be better than heading out on the road and try various key fishing points throughout the country in one exciting and chilled out trip? With a campervan you can do that. If you are still on the fence when it comes to investing in one though, we are going to try and convince you of the many benefits in the following post.

Covered Accommodation

If you’ve tried camping and fishing in the past, your experience could greatly be improved with the addition of a campervan. For one thing, you have covered accommodation that will protect you from the harsh British elements that we often have throughout the year. What’s more, it’s covered accommodation that double up as your transport, so if you’re not having success at a spot or the weather is too much you can hide out in the campervan or drive off to a better spot.

Anglers Often Drive Straight Up to Their Spot

It can take a lot of effort to set-up both your camping spot and all your fishing equipment, once you arrive at the spot you want to try your luck at. However, you could do what other anglers do and drive straight up to your chosen spot. If you were going to sleep in your campervan for the night, you’d then only need to set-up your fishing equipment. It’s a great way to cut down the preparation time and enables you to enjoy more time trying to land some excellent catches.

Perfect for Storage

When you travel from fishing location to fishing location in a car, you are obviously limited with the amount of storage space you have for equipment, supplies and gear. However, when you invest in a campervan, you have a lot more available storage space. Even if you and a few friends or your family are all going fishing together, a campervan will still have adequate space to store not just the equipment and supplies you think you’ll need, but a little extra just in case.

Comfortable Way to Enjoy Fishing in a Group

As touched upon above, a campervan offers a greater amount of space which not only means you can take more gear and supplies with you, but also means you can take more people with you. A campervan is a great way to provide shared transport for you and your buddies to enjoy that camping trip that you keep putting off because none of your cars are big enough to accommodate you all. Even if you want to take your family away on a short break or longer-term holiday, while benefiting from the many great fishing spots up and down the country, or across the water in Europe, you can with a campervan.

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