Campervan Trips with Dogs

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A Campervan Trip with Your Dog in the UK 

Travelling with your dog can be a fun experience! No one wants to leave their best friend at home and he will be a great way to get you to meet new people. We have made lots of new friends over the years just through people stopping and chatting to us about our dog while away.

Today we will look at what makes a good dog friendly campervan trip. We look at what you need to take and some locations that we think you and your pooch will love.

Preparation is important

One thing that’s very important is the size of your campervan.  You will want to make sure that you are all going to be comfortable for the duration of your trip. Most small and medium size dogs such as a Cockerpoo will be fine with a small camper, but if you have a big dog like a Lab, then you might want a bigger van.  It is also important that your pet has a basic level of training so that they are easier to manage while you are away. Recall is one bit of training they will really need. Your pet will be excited when you arrive a new places and you want to make sure they don’t run away too far when exploring.

Some of the best places

 Now that you are all prepared, lets take a look at some of the best places in the UK to go on a campervan trip with your dog. We believe the UK has some of the best places and you don’t need to go abroad to have a great time.

Our favourite places are all down south, so lets take a look at some of them in a bit more detail.


In Devon there is the fantastic Dartmoor. You could spend forever here, with its dog friendly pubs and lovely hill walks. There are plenty of campsites to choose from, and a lot are dog friendly and right next to some fantastic beaches.


Cornwall is my favourite county in the UK as its full of amazing walks for you and your dog. You could go through endless winding country roads and end up at hidden beaches that you might have to yourself (except in the summer holidays). We like the Penwith Heritage Coast, which has great views of the Atlantic.


We cant not mention Dorset in our guide, and the fabulous Jurassic Coast which goes on for 95 miles. Your dog might end up digging up a dinosaur! You could walk the entire coast over a few days, or simply pitch up on a nearby campsite and chill out.

So there you have it, we have given you 3 of the best places to take your dog on a campervan trip. Which are your favourite places? Let us know in the comments below


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