Campervan holiday tips in Europe

Beautiful DubrovnikIf you’re looking for a holiday on a budget but planning to travel a lot, a campervan holiday might be the trip for you. But if it’s the first time you’ll be experiencing this type of holiday, whether you’re used to hotels or tents, here are a few simple tips to help your trip run a little more smoothly.

Hiring your own campervan is usually the easiest way to go about a road trip. It may seem expensive to start with when you pay the fee to hire it, but remember that the camper will be your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom as well as transportation for your entire trip. The only other expenses you’ll have on a day to day basis will be food and fuel. If you remember to take it steady, stopping off frequently at sights and taking your time, you’re not likely to use up too much fuel. Travelling with friends and family can also help with this expense as you can spread the cost between you.

Head for destinations that have plenty to see and do at little cost. Europe is packed full of places like this – from the countries bordering the Mediterranean with easily accessible beaches to the eastern countries which have fantastically historic cities such as Istanbul and Dubrovnik to offer. You can spend days lazing along the coast, travelling from one beach to the next in your camper, or spend a few days in a busy city and not have to pay extortionate hotel costs because you have a mobile bed.

Keep costs down on food by talking to the locals. If you want to eat out authentically, they’ll be able to tell you all the best eateries in the area as well as directing you to local markets for days when you’d prefer to cook yourself. Either way you’ll be able to sample tasty delicacies on a budget. With a campervan, you are not tied to a specific location, so you can travel as far as you like away from the tacky tourist resorts to find the best.

Always make sure to check your vehicle over thoroughly when you pick it up. Anything damaged or that looks likely to break while you’re out and about will be at your cost, so ensure that the rental company are aware of any of these before you leave the vicinity. Also check the cupboards and bedding; you don’t want to find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere with no plates or pillows. Most companies will include things like this with the vehicle or offer them at a small extra charge, but it’s always worth checking beforehand, just in case.

Campervan holidays can be a fantastic way to see the world with your friends and family – cheap and flexible. Following the simple tips here will get you a long way and ensure that everyone enjoys the trip.

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  1. Do you rent a campervan from Lanzarote Airport? if os could i get a price from the 2nd – 9th August 2013 sleep 4 to 6 people.


  2. Hi Nadia
    Have a look at this company – they rent out motorhomes from Lanzarote Airport

    Hope this helps!


    CampervanTrips Team

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