Campervan hire checklist – 15 things to check

If you’re looking to hit the open road this summer (or winter depending on your hemisphere!) then its worth bearing a few things in mid before plumping for the campervan of your choice – after all its going to be your hotel, restaraunt and transport rolled into one. We’ve put together a small 15 point check list to help you on your way to choosing the perfect camper for that perfect road trip.

Campervan Holiday Checklist

photo courtesy of Hermes on Flickr

  1. Is it manual or automatic and is it what you’re used to?
  2. Does it come with cooking appliances such as a gas stove  (is it a  full bottle – does it need replacing?), what about cooking utensils and crockery?
  3. Luxury campervans can include air conditioning and fridges to keep your food and beers cool – that really is cool isnt it?!
  4. Does your campervan have an awning or a provision to allow you to sit outdoor whilst protecting you and your travel buddies from the sun…or the rain if you’re in Scotland!
  5. What about shelling a little more dosh for a shower – shattering all those illusions about roughing it in the wilds – however ensure there are electrical hook ups for all these modern conveniences – hot water and cold beer don’t appear by magic!
  6. Will you be held responsible for breakages?
  7. There must be fire extinguishers supplied with your rental van. This is a must, just to repeat things again.
  8. Look for online testimonials about the customer service and quality of vehicle the campervan rental company you’re about the book with.
  9. Does your campervan come equipped with bedding? – the more reputable campervan hire firms should offer this as standard and not leave you cold and miserable sleeping in all your clothing!
  10. Has your campervan company equipped you with an emergency breakdown number, do they offer a 24 hour helpline number? Is roadside assistance included as standard?
  11. Is there an unlimited mileage arrangement on your hired campervan?
  12. What about a comprehensive map? Does the map supplied cover your whole trip – it should do, what happens if your sat nav fails and you’re in remote Bulgaria?!
  13. Has your campervan company provided you with a list of approved campsites where you can ‘live’ outside of the campervan should you develop cabin or ‘van’ fever. Eating in a proper kitchen, weeing in a proper toilet and showering in a space bigger than an elongated shoebox can do wonders for a campervan trippers morale!
  14. Last but not least by any means – is there a substantial CD player or old skool cassette player to belt out the tunes as your cruising around maaan!
  15. Let’s hope this helps you find your ideal campervan rental and don’t forget your camera…or toothbrush..there really is nothing worse.

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  1. Wally Vallow // June 19, 2010 at 3:26 pm //

    Great post, thanks for sharing

  2. Nice exhaustive list!
    Just to share my girlfriend and I experience, we went through this kind of check list and ended renting a van with Origin Campervans in France. (
    The van definitely met our expectations.

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