5 Damn Useful Things to Take on a Campervan Trip

1. Plastic bags
They’re a brilliant addition and come in useful for dealing with wet shoes, dirty washing, makeshift bin bags and of course shopping bags. They also have handles which means they can be hooked up from the roof of yoru van to store things in. So useful!

2. Tupperware Tubs
Again, a seemingly innocent domestic item but worth millions to space and orderly conscious campervan owners. They dont get wet, they have lids and they can be air tight. Ideal for storing keys, coins, documents, left over food and perhaps even night time accompaniments like earplugs, eye masks, condoms (ooh err!) mini torches and those van keys!

3. Headlamps or Head Torches!
Novice campervan trippers dont realise it gets dark until its dark! Buy a headtorch and dont even question it. You can stumble for a wee in the night without walking into trees and even study the map for the next days drive whilst snuggled up in your bag. Useful beyond belief.

4. A Cheap Tent
If you’re set up on a campsite for a while and need to spread out but cant be bothered with an elaborate awning, then erect a cheapo tent, chuck in boxes, backpacks and wet boots and relieve the living spaces in your campervan of clutter. Space in the campervan is space in the mind!

5. Empty Plastic Water Bottles of Various Sizes
On a camping trip, you’ll no doubt go for day walks, so fill up before hand and save some cash. You also no doubt want a container for washing up water, a vessel for cleaning teeth water and a few dotted across the dashboard for conventional thirst reasons. Dont forget another bottle for the engine too, you dont want to be overheating now!

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