5 Campervan Must-Haves No Matter Where You Go




If you regularly go on camping holidays, you will already know that loading up the car can take a lot of time and effort! And there is so much that you need to squeeze into such a limited space. So there is no wonder that it is so easy to forget some essential items. But no matter where you are going camping, you should always remember these five must-haves.

Toilet Paper

You can never have too much toilet paper! Especially if you are visiting a site which you have never been to before. You can’t be sure what their toilet facilities will be like or how busy the site will be. If a site is full of campers, their toilets might run out of supplies quickly. So remember to take your own toilet paper, just in case! The toilet paper will also come in useful for cleaning the kids up after meals or if they get a runny nose.


Sometimes, one of your group might have to visit the toilet in the middle of the night. The walk to the facilities isn’t going to be easy in the dark! That’s why you should always pack a flashlight. It can also be useful if you are camping with young children who are still scared of the dark. There are loads of different flashlights suitable for camping and campervans on the market. Outdoor Gear Boss breaks down tactical flashlights. That way, you’ll know which one is best for your needs.


You can never guarantee what the weather will be like, so try and always prepare for the worst. And that means packing plenty of waterproofs! Everyone in your group needs to have a waterproof jacket. If you expect the weather to be particularly bad, invest in some waterproof trousers as well. These will also come in useful if you want to enjoy some fishing during your trip!


Planning on a bit of a road trip as part of your campervan holiday? Then be prepared and pack plenty of snacks and drinks. You never know how long will have to drive until you get to the next service station or shop. So to make sure no one goes hungry or thirsty for too long, get lots of nibbles. Bags of chips, chocolate bars, and candies will go down very well. But don’t forget some healthy options, such as fruit and carrot sticks. You’ll also need lots of bottled water.

Cell Phone

You can not prevent every accident from happening. So rather than hoping one doesn’t happen, you need to prepare for the worst and pack a cell phone. If you are traveling in a foreign country, check that you will be able to use it abroad. Then, if anything untoward does happen, you will be able to call for assistance. Whether you crash or run out of fuel, just call someone on your phone to come and get you out of a tricky situation.

Now that you have these five must-haves, you can enjoy your trip!

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